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A pioneering institution 

In 1976 Ramón Areces created the foundation that bears his name, with the broad objective of fostering scientific and technical research in Spain and education and culture in general. The Foundation was a pioneering institution in our country, and ever since its creation it has constantly and firmly supported scientific research as the driving force behind progress and modernity.

In its early years, the Foundation created and developed the necessary instruments to boost scientific research (national procedures to award financial aid for research), favor the training of human capital (scholarship programs for further studies abroad), and popularize and humanize science (scientific dissemination programs). By the late seventies, for the first time a private foundation was financing basic and applied research, opening up new opportunities for researchers and providing researchers with a forum for publicly showcasing their work.

The development of creative talent and the acquisition of experience in all realms of scientific and technical knowledge became a top priority task for the Foundation in the eighties, particularly with Spain's accession to membership in the EEC (today's European Union), which opened up important opportunities but also was to require Spanish society to make an effort in training and innovation.

In 1989 Isidoro Álvarez assumed the presidency of the Foundation, with the twofold commitment to remain faithful to the goals set for the Foundation by its creator, Ramón Areces, and to expand the Foundation's activities. True to that commitment, the Foundation has infused research with fresh strength by furnishing greater economic resources and creating new aid programs better suited to the demands of an era characterized by spectacularly fast, constant scientific and technological advances; it has strengthened its commitment to the training of human capital and boosted disseminating activity in the new environment of the information and knowledge society.


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