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Projects. Life and Matter Sciences

Efficient materials for the capture and selective transformation of CO2 towards value-added chemicals

Lead Researcher: Manuel Moliner Marín
Research Centre: Instituto de Tecnología Química. CSIC-UPV. Valencia.


Manuel Moliner MarínProbably, two of the most important challenges facing society today are the decrease of the high dependence on fossil-fuel sources, and the environmental concern associated to the excessive greenhouse gas emissions, particularly CO2, to the atmosphere due to the over-consumption of fossil-fuels. In the present project, it is proposed the chemical reuse of CO2 towards methanol as chemical platform to obtain synthetic hydrocarbons and other value-added products, such as olefins, attempting to reduce the high dependence on non-renewable fossil-fuels and, at the same time, controlling the environmental carbon footprint.

First, we will attempt the synthesis of efficient materials for the CO2 capture and separation, focusing on materials with high-regeneration capacity and, consequently, requiring less energy-consumption in this step. Second, we will attempt the design of catalysts that would be able to activate and to transform CO2 towards target products, mainly methanol, through selective direct hydrogenation reactions. We will particularly focus on the maximization of the chemical confinement within those catalysts, in order to not only enhance their stability against deactivation when the desired reactions are carried out under high pressures and temperatures, but also to allow efficiently performing these reactions under more friendly conditions (i.e. atmospheric pressure). And third, we will attempt to design active and stable catalysts to overcome the methanol transformation into gasoline and/or olefins through the MTG or MTO processes, respectively.

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