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Projects. Life and Matter Sciences

Superconductor materials at (very) high critical temperature

Lead Researcher:
Miguel Ángel Alario y Franco

Research Centre:
Facultad de Ciencias Químicas. Universidad Complutense. Madrid.


Miguel Ángel Alario y FrancoThe goal is to undertake a broad systematic study in the search for Superconductor Materials at Very High Critical Temperature, by preparing and studying in details materials of the following type: TMxCu1-xSr2TRCu2O8-d (TM: transition element; TR rare earth element).

Recent work by our group has shown that the relationship between the structure, properties and composition of this differ from the conventional properties of classical cuprates. In particular, we observed an anomalous process of oxidation-reduction of cations Cu(II) and (III) in connection with the Mo(V) and (VI) and, on the other hand, the relationship between the Critical Temperature and oxygen-copper peak distances and the O-Cu-O angles -which are essential characteristics of these SC- is opposite to what is usual (*). This peculiar characteristic will therefore be examined in detail, to attain higher critical temperatures, of which we have recently found signs.

Synthesis will use different procedures: the habitual ceramic method, idem. Microwave assisted and at high pressures and higher Temperatures. The creation of nano-particles. Crystalline growth. Directional laser-assisted solidification in flat geometry. Electrodeposition of the metals and oxidation.

The properties of these materials will then be modified by the controlled alteration of their composition and microstructure, with the aim of optimising their superconducting properties using Redox processes in several reaction media. Finally, in those materials which are found to be of greatest interest, the synthesis process will be scaled up. Likewise, and in order to obtain pieces with final applications, processing techniques will be used to manufacture tapes, threads and small pieces.

The overall analysis of the results over three years will give rise to detailed knowledge of the fundamental aspects of the subject and, eventually, to aid and control the obtaining of higher temperatures than those currently known.

(*) Oxidation Induced Superconductivity and Mo/Cu Charge Equilibrium in M0.3Cu0.7Sr2ErCu2Oy
M.A Alario y Franco, E. Morán et al. Superconductor Science and Technology (accepted 2015).

Miguel Ángel Alario y Franco

Doctor in Chemistry (1970). Post-doctoral studies: England, Wales, Italy (a total of three years). Professor of Inorganic Chemistry (UCM 1983- Assistant Prof. 1976). Dean of the Chemistry Faculty in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1986-1994). Visiting Professor in Cambridge (UK), Grenoble (F), Berkeley (UCB-USA), Bahía Blanca (Argentina), San Diego (UCSD-USA), (a total of more than six years). America Professor of the Instituto de España -2 months in México- (UNAM)-1996. UCM Emeritus Professor from the year 2012-2013. Emeritus Professor Universidad San Pablo/CEU since 2012.

Academic member (since 1991) and President (IX-2009 to IX-2012) of the Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales. Honorary member, Materials Research Society of India (1998). Foreign corresponding academic of the Academia Nacional de Ciencias de la República Argentina (2008), Honorary Academico of the Academia Colombiana de Ciencias (2010). Honorary Fellow: University of Wales, Aberystwyth (2015).

Director/co-director of 30 Doctoral theses. His doctoral students include ten University professors, four assistant/tenured Professors, one Directeur de Recherche and several distinguished scientists in Spain, France and Mexico. Author of more than two hundred and twenty-five scientific papers in international journals and cited more than two thousand five hundred and fifty times, and four patents (one sold to ALCATEL). Editor of five books, two of them in English, and co-author of the text "Superconductividad", with Prof. Dr. J.L. Vicent.

Invited conference speaker in the Gordon Research Conferences in Solid State Chemistry held in Plymouth (NH) in 1990 and, 21 years later, in London (NH) USA. President of the International Symposium on the Reactivity of Solids, Madrid 1992 and Chair of the Gordon Research Conference on Solid State Chemistry (Oxford-UK) 2003. Co-chair of the Solid State Chemistry of Inorganic Materials Symposium in the MRS Fall Meeting - Boston in 2002 and the Non-Molecular Solids symposium in the International Materials Research Congress, Cancún, México (2006-10 & 2012).

Prize awarded by the Real Sociedad Española de Física y Química 1973 (Noveles), Prize of the Real Academia de Ciencias in 1984, Prize of the Academia de Ciencias de Granada in 1990, Premio Rey Jaime I in Ciencia de Materiales in 1991, Medal of Honour of the Real Sociedad Española de Química in 1996, Épsilon de Oro de Electrocerámica de la Sociedad Española de Cerámica in 2003, Premio México de Ciencia y Tecnología 2009. Senior Research Award (Repsol-YPF) of the Encuentros Franco-Españoles de Química y Física del Estado Sólido (2010), Miguel Catalán Prize "a career devoted to science" of the Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid (2010).

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