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Projects. Life and Matter Sciences

Marine sciences

16th National Programme

June 27, 2012 - June 27, 2015

Study of the invasion and intracellular traffic of photobacterium damselae subs. piscicida with non-immune cells of the gilthead (sparus aurata)
Lead Researcher: Félix Acosta Arbelo
Research Centre: Instituto Universitario de Sanidad Animal y Seguridad Alimentaria. Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. (Spain).

Reconstruction of the velocity field of ocean currents at a global scale based on satellite observations in the microwave spectrum
Lead Researcher: Jordi Isern Fontanet
Research Centre: Instituto Catalán de Ciencias del Clima. Barcelona. (Spain).

The isolation and characterisation of marine bacteria with quorum-quenching activity for the treatment of infectious bacterial diseases
Lead Researcher: Ana María Otero Casal
Research Centre: Universidad de Santiago de Compostela. (Spain).

15th National Programme

16th March 2010 - 16th March 2013

Production of recombinant gonadotropins in Senegalese sole: applications for monitoring and control of sexual maturation in aquaculture
Lead Researcher:
Joan Cerdà Luque
Research Centre: Laboratorio IRTA (Instituto de Investigación y Tecnologías Agroalimentarias)-Instituto de Ciencias del Mar. CSIC. Barcelona.  (Spain).

Application of genetic analyses for the creation of germplasm banks in teleostei  
Lead Researcher:
Vanesa Robles Rodríguez
Research Centre: Departamento de Biología Molecular e Instituto de Desarrollo Ganadero y Sanidad Animal (INDEGSAL). Universidad de León. (Spain).

Use of nanospheres as a vehicle for the administration of immunostimulants in species of interest to aquaculture (NANOAQUA)
Lead Researcher: Nerea Roher Armentia
Research Centre: Facultad de Biociencias. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.  (Spain).

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