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Characteristics of teachers and teaching practices in classrooms: an evaluation of the impact on academic performance of secondary education students

Lead Researcher: José Manuel Cordero Ferrera
Research Centre: Universida de Extremadura.


José Manuel Cordero FerreraThis project aims to analyse the impact of different aspects related to teachers on the academic performance of Spanish students, with particular emphasis on the specific activities carried out in classrooms in order to encourage learning by students. To achieve that aim, we will use the information provided by two international databases produced by the OECD, TALIS 2013 and PISA 2012, which can be connected to each other by means of the TALIS-PISA link.

The first phase of the study will focus on evaluating and implementing the most appropriate statistical procedures to be able to combine the two sources of information in an effective manner. Once they have been combined, the next step will consist in the application of econometric causal inference techniques, with which it is possible to isolate the true effect of these variables compared to other contextual factors.

The identification of teaching practices and/or characteristics of teachers with the greatest impact on the improvement of educational performance would represent a qualitative leap in the sphere of applied education research in Spain. Specifically, it is hoped that, through this project, we can contribute to the opening of a debate based on solid empirical evidence on the role played by teachers in the Spanish education system. Likewise, we hope the results will go beyond the academic sphere and will be made available to other relevant educational agents so they may be useful in the design and application of education policies.

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