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Multi-channel marketing: towards integrated, profitable management of relations with customers

Lead Researcher: Francisco Javier Sesé Oliván
Research Centre: Universidad de Zaragoza.


Francisco Javier Sesé OlivánIn recent years, we have witnessed a technological revolution which has resulted in a proliferation of new distribution channels. Without a doubt, this multi-channel context has changed the way in which customers and companies interact and relate to each other, offering a unique opportunity to organisations to strengthen relations with their customers and to achieve a competitive advantage. However, this new multi-channel context gives rise to a larger number of interactions of greater complexity, obliging organisations to develop a good multi-channel marketing strategy. Consequently, one of the most significant challenges for business organisations at the present time is managing relations with their customers in an integrated, profitable manner in each and every one of the distribution channels in which it is present. The aim of this project is to provide a greater understanding of the behaviour of customers in a multi-channel context. Specifically, the project will try to identify: (1) the background which explains customers' behaviour with regard to the distribution channels (2) the consequences in terms of profitability (value of the customer) of choosing a mix of channels to carry out transactions and interact with the company; (3) the similarities and differences in the background and consequences for different types of interactions (transactional and non-transactional); and (4) the role of the heterogeneity of customers in their multi-channel behaviour. This knowledge should make it possible to improve companies' ability to manage relations with customers in a more efficient, profitable manner, and at the same time promote consumers' well-being by enabling them to use the channels in a more suitable way for their commercial exchanges.

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